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RIDE - A Bus Scheduling App



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The bus Lines App

Due to expansion, A midwestern metropolitan City has added many new bus lines to their transit system. Many of these new lines now service the same bus stop.


The task at hand was to develop a user-centric app that will organize and clearly display all transit information. Addressing the current issues arising from the recent expansion, while avoiding similar issues arising in the future.

Bus App mockup - portfolio iPhone 13.png
Standing at a Bus Stop


Commuters need to know when their next bus will arrive at each specific bus stop, as well as how much time they have to get to their desired stop.

Currently, most riders are complaining about a bus stop which is now serviced by seven different bus lines.

Research Data


63% of participants stated that they would download a new app for live public transit info.


40% of participants shared that they use public transportation 1-3 times per week.

73% of survey takers said they had trouble finding out when the correct bus would arrive. 

Competitive Analysis



User Persona(1) - RIDE.png

Proto Persona

Proto Persona 1.png

User Story(s) and Flow

1.  As a student who rides the bus to class, I want to know when my bus is arriving at the correct bus stop, so I can calculate how much time I have to get there.

2.  As someone who uses the transit system to commute to work, I want to know the next bus arriving at my bus stop, so that I don’t rush to the bus stop if it is not my bus that's arriving.

3.  As a frequent transit user of only one bus line, I want the ability to view all future arrival times for the seven bus lines now servicing this stop so that I know when the correct bus arrives.

User Flow _ Portfolio.png




Mood Board

Style Tile

Logo Sketch


& Iterations

Through multiple user testing and many iterations, the final product outcome was a transit app that included pertinent information needed by the users such as location and detailed bus stop and bus scheduling information. 

Iterations Mockup(s)



Color Blindness
Color Blindness

I used Adee and Web AIM to check how visible contents of my design were to achieve a AAA rating in color contrast, as well as all variations of color blindness.

User Testing

Question: Was there anything you found confusing about this app? If so, what?

"I wish it could find my location, and tell me how far I am from the bus stop and how long it will take me to get there."

Question: Do you know how long it will take you to get to the bus stop?

"Not really, no. Would like to see that added as a feature though."

Question: How did this app improve your commute?

"Very easy to use, and does not waste my time trying to figure out which bus line is which!"

In Conclusion

I learned that a well thought-out design requires many things. From first idealization, gathering data and conducting research is vital in establishing a strong foundation to build on. It allows for the designer to take into account all users, and begins to form a clear path as to where the final design will go. I learned how each stage in the design process builds on one another, which in the end helps to deliver a functional, accessible, user-centric, and pleasing design to all.

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